IMPORTANT UPDATES regarding software versions and render engines.

This course was originally made with 3ds Max 2017. There have been some structural changes to the program since then, namely, the included rendering capabilities. This course demonstrates a lot of Mental Ray rendering, which is still very useful for learning and understanding concepts, but you will not be able to follow along exactly with 3ds Max 2019 or later, because Mental Ray is no longer being developed or included with 3ds Max.

The ART renderer, included in 2017 and later, is also demonstrated in the course, and should work as shown.

Starting in 2018, Max includes Arnold renderer, which is meant to be the replacement for Mental Ray. Again, it will do the same things in concept, but the specific settings will look different.

In 2023, an entire new section of the course was added, with a whole new project that is specific to Arnold. This project, like the others in the course, shows the entire process from beginning to end, but now using the most up to date versions of the software, including all the settings you need to know for photo realistic rendering with Arnold.

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